• Basic Concepts of Digital Content

      ISBN: 2017/9/4722
      Pages: 30
      Languages: العربية
      Author: Heba-awad-allah
      Publisher: Hawwaz
      Published: 2017
      Series: Hawwaz
      Edition: 1
      Place Of Publication: Jordan
Concepts related to educational content, illustrating the concept of digital content and its types which are divided according to using and components, and the objectives of providing electronic content are important requirements for the teacher. There are three factors that govern the appropriateness of digital content for learners 'needs: information displayed, means of supporting learners' performance, and how many learning experiences is learners acquire from digital content. This book aims to present concepts related to digital content in terms of how digital content is designed, the importance of preparing the educational scenario as a document for the planning and production of digital content, in addition to international standards for dissemination the digital content (SCORM(.
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About Author
  • Heba-awad-allah
    حاصلة على ماجستير مناهج وطرق تدريس شعبة تكنولوجيا التعليم، عملت في جامعة عين شمس في مجال نظم إدارة التعلُّم، وتقييم الاحتياجات التدريبية والإشراف على دورات تصميم المواد الإلكترونية، رئيسة قسم المُحتوى الإثرائي بشركة كلمن.
About Publisher
  • Hawwaz
    Hawwaz Academy for Professional Training allows trainees to enroll in online courses in various educational, academic and cultural fields. The courses are prepared by accredited trainers and developed by content experts to provide a cost-effective and time-efficient e-learning environment which entails e-content publishing, interactive learning activities, practice tests, follow-up and performance monitoring among other features that guarantee high quality of learning outcomes. Furthermore, Hawwaz facilitates accessing learning material anytime and at anyplace.