It is essential for anyone who wants to practice the teaching profession to know what technology in general, focus on the concept of technology education and its role in the development of the educational process in particular. In order for education to be meaningful, it is appropriate for the teacher to define a clear concept of educational aids, and it's appropriate and possible role in education. It is also necessary to identify the concept of multimedia, its role in teaching, and how to benefit from it in improving the educational process. This book aims to provide trainees with a deep understanding of the technology and its role in the educational process, as well as introducing about educational aids, multimedia and its role in the development of the educational process.
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About Author
  • Atef Abu Hamid
    Atef Abu Hamid
    عميد كلية العلوم التربوية في جامعة الشرق الاوسط سابقا، واخصائي مدرس في الجامعة الهاشمية حاليا.
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  • Hawwaz
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