• Using Deep Zoom Composer in Education

      ISBN: 2017/9/4735
      Pages: 24
      Languages: العربية
      Author: Mamduh-Alsaman
      Publisher: Hawwaz
      Published: 2017
      Series: Hawwaz
      Edition: 1
      Place Of Publication: Jordan
In this book we present a group of skills and tools that may be new or not widespread, but there is an urgent need to learn, Technology plays an important role in the success of the educational process, both inside and outside the classroom. Communication between the teacher and the learner must continue, so the teacher must learn how to lead the learning process, including choosing the type of technology used, The teacher should know how to take into consideration the individual differences between the learners and organize the selection of activities to enrich the educational process. This book aims to identify the mechanism of using Deep Zoom Composer to illustrate educational images and to teach students by presenting visual stories.
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About Author
  • Mamduh-Alsaman
    حاصل على بكالوريوس في علم الحاسوب، مسؤول مركز مصادر التعلُّم في الأونروا الدولية. قمت بتدريب عدد كبير من معلمي ومشرفي وخبراء التعليم في وكالة الغوث الدولية على الدورات النوعية في مجال تكنولوجيا التعليم. مصمم تعليمي، منها توظيف برنامج "Cartoon Story" للمعلمين في مدارس وكالة الغوث، وتوظيف برنامج "Power point 2010 Advance" لمعلمي الحاسب، وتوظيف برنامج "Net support school" في مختبرات الحاسب الآلي لمعلمي الحاسب، توظيف برنامج "Movie Maker" للمعلمين، وتوظيف برامج خرائط المفاهيم في التعليم لمعلمي اللغة العربية وتوظيف المناهج المحوسبة للخبراء التربويين في وكالة الغوث.
About Publisher
  • Hawwaz
    Hawwaz Academy for Professional Training allows trainees to enroll in online courses in various educational, academic and cultural fields. The courses are prepared by accredited trainers and developed by content experts to provide a cost-effective and time-efficient e-learning environment which entails e-content publishing, interactive learning activities, practice tests, follow-up and performance monitoring among other features that guarantee high quality of learning outcomes. Furthermore, Hawwaz facilitates accessing learning material anytime and at anyplace.